Hello, do you want to hear three grown men scream about E3 2018? Well then step right up to the GAWcast, where we have exactly that! The boys have different things that they took away from the different conferences, and we address some of the controversies, while possibly getting controversial ourselves (wink wink).

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Ian M
Senior Staff Writer

Ian is a 21 year old small town guy from Pennsylvania. He currently attends Temple University as a transfer student majoring in English. He has been playing and talking about video games since he was three years old starting out with the Nintendo 64. The first game he ever played was Super Mario 64, which he can absolutely destroy and knows every secret. His two favorite games of all time include Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (N64), and Bloodborne. During the school year he is drowning in school work, and in the summer he takes his time to catch up on his favorite hobbies.