Under the Moonlight is the official name of patch 4.3 for Final Fantasy XIV. It appears the new update will include some fixes to issues regarding ‘Forced Boss Room Entry’ which allows players to enter the boss room after the lockout has been initiated. ‘Unique Marker for Pets’ pets no longer have the same marker as party members when trying to find them on the map.

Some more features coming in the patch include an ‘Enhanced Achievement Feature’ that features a new achievements tab to indicate to players what achievements are on the path to completion. ‘Improved Savage Content Warning’ is a warning message displayed to players when the party leader has queued for savage rage content that is higher than the player’s raid progression.

The last note in the latest update for Final Fantasy XIV is adding Monster Hunter World content to the game. It appears players will get a palico companion and Rathalos, a beast from the ancient forest of Monster Hunter World, is a new boss added to Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIV Uner the Moonlight will release in the summer of 2018 and more information can be found at the Final Fantasy XIV blog.

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