EA’s mobile division revealed a mobile 2-player 1v1 real-time strategy game, Command and Conquer Rivals. The Command and Conquer series dates back to 1995 when the first in the series was released. The Command and Conquer franchise has seen many iterations over the years and EA is updating the series with the latest mobile release.

Players have a single objective, which is to destroy the other player’s home base. The most straightforward way to accomplish victory is to use the nuclear missile located in the center of the map. By having squads stand on control points located around the missile and by having more control points than the opponent, the player can win control of the missile. A bar will fill up as both players stand on control points. Whoever has the most control points when the bar is full gains control of the missile, and the missile then automatically fires at the opponent. The player that is able to fire two missiles wins the match. Unit control is simple, tap the unit then tap where you want the unit to move and the unit will follow the command. Like the PC counterparts, the player opponent is hidden by a fog of war to add that extra bit of challenge.

Android players can pre-register via Google Play and will be notified when Command and Conquer Rivals is available. Players who pre-register might get invited to a closed pre-alpha test. IOS Players can pre-register on the Command and Conquer Rivals website.


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