One of the most notorious elements in Overwatch is Play of the Game feature which highlights 1 specific player for a specific feat. Activision Blizzard submitted a patent for the feature back in December 2016 and now it has been approved.

The patent follows the same formula, where a specific action is timestamped with a category linked to it such as high score or shutdown before ending the game.

In addition, Symmetra has received her long-awaited patch. This allows her to spawn a teleporter at any time, use 3 turrets instead of 6 that can be thrown and have more power, and have access to a new ultimate called Photon Barrier. This allows Symmetra to block all incoming fire with a powerful barrier. The biggest change is that Symmetra can no longer lock onto targets but must remain in contact a target to increase her primary weapon’s fire.

Looking for group and endorsements are also live. Allowing players to search for specific players and provide extra bonuses for helpful players.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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