Bioware’s next big IP is Anthem and after the disappointment following Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release and Star War Battlefront II’s predatory microtransaction system many are spectacle about the game.  BioWare is making multiple attempts to reassure fans that Anthem will deliver a solid experience with a new Reddit post highlighting the importance of end-game content.

In the post made by design lead Ben Scott, he listed the following important things being developed for Anthem:

  • The end game is important! Like really important!
  • The end game gets more important the day after launch.
  • Replayability is a core goal of the content.
  • The community is going to help us improve, shape, and drive the long-term direction of the end game content. You have NO choice! 🙂 We will involve you and we will listen to you!
  • The end game should be accessible to as much of the community as possible. BUT it shouldn’t be watered down in the name of accessibility!
  • Content can be difficult, exciting, rewarding, and still be accessible.
  • It should NOT foster toxicity or elitism.
  • It SHOULD reward achievement, skill, and mastery.
  • Easy to understand, difficult to master.
  • Puzzles, secrets, and discovery is cool!

Scott went into detail stating the game wouldn’t “foster toxicity or elitism” but promote “reward achievement, skill, and mastery”.

These are a lot of bold claims and are possible. However, titles like The Division and Destiny found themselves in difficult situations that caused a lot of vexation among fans. Until Ubisoft and Bungie started releasing new content, or in the case of Bungie, rereleasing the game again.

Anthem is currently scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.