For those of you new to the series, the seemingly never-ending fight for survival in State of Decay 2 may seem impossible. Fear not young survivors, Gamer Assault Weekly has your back against the horde. Adam and I are going to be bringing you some helpful hints to keep your communities stocked up and your best characters from meeting their untimely demise. Let’s start with the basics to kind of get the skull rolling.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Going out alone in the original State of Decay was risky. That fact is even truer in the follow-up installment. While going out alone isn’t entirely an impossible task it is always worth it to have that extra set of eyes watching out or in my case an extra set of legs running around distracting the undead bags of flesh so I can put the damned gas in the car. The zombies are a lot stronger in this installment, even the common infected can swarm and devour lower level characters. Try to take at least one other character with you, at least in the beginning even on simple scavenging runs.

As the characters level up navigating gets a little easier but I would still recommend taking people with when you go out to rid the town of blood plagues. They often force you into compact hallways or rooms and since they draw in the infected as you damage them the extra set of hands is super helpful. Try to use characters that compliment each other. A character with high cardio and a powerhouse can take out a horde a lot more efficiently than a character who is just starting out.

Lift With Your Back

Of all the upgrades you can do to your individual characters (aside from endurance) any upgrade that helps you carry more items are the most useful. There is nothing worse than picking up needed items and then getting swarmed by the infected. Fighting back at that point wears your character down and can result in a multitude of horrible side effects. The character will gradually get fatigued and have a harder time fighting back. If you don’t die, the character will need to be switched out so they can recover from the fatigue.

There are a few things that can be done to combat it, get a bigger backpack, always travel light. For those of you like me who are pack rats, under a few different categories in the character’s tree, each level up will give you choices like “Sprinting causes less fatigue” or something that alludes to items not being as heavy or better packing. Choose the latter a few times and you will be able to keep from ending up as a Manwich for some undead bag of bones.

It Fuels The World

The need for gasoline was one of the biggest additions to State of Decay 2. At the beginning of the game, gas is only really found at stations. Looting small gas cans and sack full of gas (I know that sounds ridiculous) will help you sort of meander through the early stages of the game. If the opportunity presents itself through upgrades or if you happen to be lucky enough to find a base with an oil collection attached to it it will add one gas to your inventory every day. That’s not going to keep you from having to scavenge but it will build you a reserve over time.

There are two other things that I recommend as well. One is to always keep gas handy in your inventory. Helps if you come across a running car and need to get out fast, or if your car runs out while on a mission. The second is to always check the trunks of cars. They usually have a spare gas can or something useful. Also, all the gas collected in sacks brought back to base can be converted into gas cans you can add to your inventory or store for later.

State of Decay 2 Fight

Don’t Forget The Snacks

I don’t know about you but I could kill a whole family sized box of Cheeze-its. That has nothing to do with State of Decay 2, I just felt like sharing. The point is snacks are one of life’s best qualities. That proves no different in the land of the dead.  Always keeping energy drinks or the chip bags the game has on hand will give you a quick boost to your stamina meter, often times refilling it. If that doesn’t work there’s good ‘ole coffee there to perk you up. It will help you get away when a horde is breathing down your neck or if a feral is coming at you like a hunting hound.


This may seem insanely obvious but building a diverse array of characters is key to ensuring the community’s survival. You need the powerhouses who can destroy endless waves of the horde. Cardio heavy characters are also needed. They are arguably the best to bring on or at least mix into the scavenging party. They can easily spring out of an area with goods or elude hoards.  You also need the people who have mechanical skills, can help make repair jobs stronger.

There are some useless skills, one person in my group has “Geek Trivia” as a skill. Not sure how to use it or level it up. Try to stray away from those. If you get a character with an empty skill slot considers it a holy grail. Get that person a book and tell them to nerd up. Books are a new consumable and they help you build the best possible community.

These are just some quick tips to help you get going but hopefully, they set you off in the right direction. I also hope they help you from losing your best character. The last bit of advice I can give you is to avoid juggernauts until you are highly equipped. They are immensely difficult, I had one near my base that we tried to engage and it cost us one of our best people. Now his corpse lays ripped in half near the back of our base. A grim reminder that even when you think you know what you’re doing, the dead can surprise you.

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