Detroit: Become Human has multiple endings, each tied to a specific trophy. One called ‘Escape Death’ requires Kara to enter hell and attempt to survive. Here’s how.

Trophy Requirement:

Must escape the Recall Center alive

1. Get caught by soldiers This can be done either when escaping soldiers in Jericho by Surrendering and Obeying or during the trip to the train station. Simply get caught

2. Agree to remove the body

3. Find allies using your scan, these include: Jerry Luther (If alive) Broken androids from Zlatko’s home (If freed)

4. When inside the second part of the locate Alice is separated

5. Distract guards using Jerry or Luther, sprint to Alice

6. Locate escape route found on the right-hand side, the gate

7. Ask an ally to distract the guards (I used the broken androids) 8. Choose Protect Alice and kill the guard

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