The battle between Magni and Modi is the ultimate test in cooperative between Kratos and Atreus. Players will need to contend with both of the brothers in this fight, that means utilizing the abilities of both Kratos and his son.

First off, you must take down the health of both Magni and Modi simultaneously. Each health bar has to be brought down by thirds, with each section of the fight ending in a blind face off.

Magni is a heavy fighter with very little defense. However, he can do a lot of damage if not taken seriously. Magni can also grab Kratos and can only escape by having Atreus shoot him.

Modi, on the other hand, is a defensive fighter. Use Aterus to knock him off balance to inflict damage or hit him from behind while he’s distracted.

The first part of the fight is straightforward. Both warriors will use fairly common attacks, pummel them and use the strategy above to break their defenses.

During the blind sequences keep circling and keep an eye on the red indicator. This will tell you where Magni and Modi are coming from. Use L1 to block the brothers’ assault. The first will require you to block 1 oncoming attack from either Magi or Modi, the second they will break their charge to allow the other to attack. Beware and if either Magi or Modi backs off, keep an eye on the red marker to see where the other will come.

The second part of the battle has Modi now using a charged weapon. He can fling slow-moving electric orbs and charge if left alone. Magni can perform a shockwave that has a massive tell of plunging his sword into the ground and picking it back up.

The final battle will open up with Magni throwing Modi for an AOE shockwave. Use your shield to defend yourself to avoid damage. Magni can perform this same attack alone. His sword will glow and he’ll slowly plunge his sword into the ground, either strike him with your ax or use Atreus to stun him.

Keep up the assault and eventually, the brothers will fall.

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