You’ve finally made it to the end. Conquered trolls, monsters, and dragons to reach the final location where Kratos can scatter his wife’s ashes. However, one more enemy stands in your way. Baldur is back.

The first portion of the fight is similar to the first time we won’t Baldur. This time the fight is entirely scripted and doesn’t last long. Avoid Baldur when he glows blue and counter-attack when he charges forward. Freya will restrain you 2 times before the next portion begins.

The second part Baldur will still use the same tactics. Counter using your shield and parry his attacks if you can. Blocking works as well but it won’t give you the same advantage as parrying does.

Baldur will become harder to read as he activates his full power. Completely blue you’ll have to rely on his body movements. Using your Blades of Chaos keep your distance but not too far for him to charge forward or use his shockwave.

Baldur can summon icicles that target Kratos, simply hold up your shield to block them. His punches will also be faster. When he attacks, block the first 2 punches and parrying the third to stun him. Keep up the attack until the QTE starts.

Now Baldur will use fire-based attacks. They’re mostly variants of the same attacks we’ve been dealing with. The only change comes from the icicles, which are now fireballs with no delay. Following the same tactics stated above and Spartan Rage for added damage.

The final battle will have Baldur switching between fire and ice. But he’ll use the same tactics as before but will switch between the elements when he jumps. Use the Blades of Chaos when he glows blue and the Levithan ax when he uses fire-based attacks. Here you should go all out if you have Spartan Rage available this will allow you to end the fight quicker. Once you do Baldur will fall and the ending will play. Congrats, you’ve beaten God of War.

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