Since the Facebook controversy, many digital platforms have been revising their privacy policies to remain on the positive side of the consumers worrying about their hidden information. Valve is no exception with a new updated privacy setting that in turn ends the use of Steam Spy.

In the update, you can now choose to keep playtime private for any game of your choosing and “game details” which includes your list of games, wishlist, achievements, and playtime.

Value is also working on an “invisible mode” which allows you to remain “online”, “away”, or “offline” to anyone who’s not on their friend’s list.

By default, your privacy settings are set to private. This causes Steam Spy, which gathers data based on public profiles, to no longer get accurate data statistics.

Creator Sergey Galyonkin shared his opinion about the changes on Twitter. “Steam Spy relied on [game details] information being visible by default and won’t be able to operate anymore,” he announced on Twitter.

As you might expect the response to this isn’t one-sided. Many people, mostly indie developers, have used Steam Spy as a way to accurately measure what games are popular to better determine the market. Others to measure what games are popular and what are fading without having to pay an analytical company for the research. It also provided a much more accurate measurement but now it seems either a new system will have to be developed or perhaps Valve could switch back to the old system.

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