Since its release, Monster Hunter: World has gained a large new following thanks to strong gameplay, amazing boss fights, a dense open world, and a constant stream of new content. Monster Hunter World has supported crossover events featuring Horizon Zero Dawn and Street Fighter V allow the player to dress up as Aloy and your Palico as a Watcher or Ryu. Now, you can dress your cat friend as Mega Man; here’s how.

Head to the main area and get the “A Rush of Blood” quest from the Events section of the quest board. This will put players against 2 Odogarons. Finishing it will earn you a Mega Man costume and Tickets.

The palico doesn’t only look like Mega Man; it also uses the franchise’s iconic 8-bit sound effects. For a fan of the Mega Man franchise, specifically X and Legends, this is a must have.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for Xbox One and PS4. It’ll come to PC this fall.

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