Microsoft and Discord have officially announced a partnership that’ll bring Xbox gamers closer together, whether they’re on their PC or on their Xbox.

In an update coming soon, you’ll be able to link your Xbox Live account directly to your Discord account. If your friend is playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox, you’ll be able to see that on Discord. Through this new feature, friends can communicate and coordinate across PC and Xbox!

Daniel McCulloch, General Manager at Xbox Live, writes that this collaboration is “in response to your feedback.” It’s certainly an exciting change coming to Discord, and one we hope can see follow suit on other consoles.

Here are some quick guides on how to link your accounts for Xbox and Discord respectively:

A) Xbox

Very soon, Xbox Insiders will be able to directly link it via their Xbox One. The larger Xbox community will need to wait a little longer.

To do this, you’ll need to open the Account Settings menu on Xbox One, and select “Linked social accounts.” You should see a new option for Discord, which you’ll then need to select. Your Xbox will give you a code that you must enter into the Discord app’s Connections tab.

PC and Mobile

From either the desktop or mobile version of Discord, you can use the Connections tab in User Settings to link Discord and your Xbox Live account together. Click the Xbox Live option, sign in, and enable permission. Your two accounts will be linked!

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