God of War is full of lore but there are specific areas detailing the giants past that is critical to not only to the game’s story but unlocks a trophy called The Truth. Here are the locations.

1. Wildwoods

After solving your first frozen cog door puzzle head left instead of right where Atreus has tracked the deer. Climb the chain and head up the stairs and the shrine is behind the broken wooden fence.

2. The Riverpass

After defeating the Revenant for the first time head up and leap across the gap. You’ll see a locked puzzle chest ahead, instead, head left and you enter a large room with enemies. Take care of them and head down the path to find the shrine.

3. Veithurgard

Passed the giant sealed door is another shrine. Head right and you’ll find the shrine right in front of you.

4. Path to the Mountain

Heading towards the mountain you’ll have to cross The Lake of Nine. When inside head left, breaking the pile of broken wood to find the shrine.

5. Alfheim

When locating the Byforst you’ll enter the home of the Light Elves. Eventually, you’ll find Sindri shop and on the right, a shrine painted white.

6. The Mountain

After defeating the dragon and gaining the electric arrows you’ll find a door covered in red sap. This is after the puzzle involving you pulling up a bucket of exploding sap. Head around the corner and grab a piece of sap from the tree in the main area and use it, along with Atreus exploding arrows, to blow the sap up and get to the shrine.

7. Look Out Tower

This one is located on the right of the tower of Thor in the main hub area of Midgard. After the lake drops 2 levels you can find the shrine at the foot of Thor’s monument.

8. Tyr’s Temple

Tyr’s temple is full of shrines that are story related but only one is optional. When heading down into the maze where you have to break the chains look behind and you’ll find the shrine.

9. Thamur’s Corpse

After reaching the area from The Lake of Nine you’ll head into an area blocked by 2 double doors. When inside head left to find the shrine.

10. Kounsgard

When inside the stronghold you’ll head up a set of stairs, with the top blocked by columns. Head right instead of left to find the shrine.

11. Muspelheim

Right when entering the realm head all the way down till you find the quick travel portal. On the left is the final shrine.

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