Since the release of Far Cry 3, the franchise has repeated many mechanics in the following entries. A person who seems mad must be stopped, drugs, and lots of guns. Far Cry 5 incorporates many of these elements but in a refined way that helps this adventure feel distinct from past entries. A brand new setting, fresh faces, and new ways to use the items available Far Cry 5 another great entry in this series that you’ll remember for the rest of the year.

Take it Back!

Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope County, Montana where a religious cult called Eden’s Gate has taken over the area and is enforces their own laws and order on the people. Those who refuse their leadership or fight back are killed or indoctrinated as new members of Eden’s Gate. As a deputy of Hope County, you’re sent to the heart of Eden’s Gate to arrest Joseph Seed, better known as The Father, but things take a turn for the worst. Now your allies have been taken prisoner by Eden’s Gate and you must rescue them by forming a resistance against The Father.

Like past entries the main protagonist isn’t important, just a hollow avatar to drive the story forward. What brings the tale to life is the antagonists, specifically Joseph Seed and his family. Each of his 3 family members controls a region of Hope County, each with distinct elements to that area. Jacob Seeds area has more mountains making sniping best option and flying the safest way to travel. John controls a lot of the farms so expect large flat areas to drive through, and Faith’s entire region is littered with hallucinogenic plants that make the drug Bliss.

Joseph’s family, while loyal to him, each has distinct personalities that make them formidable foes and dangerous threats. John is obsessed with control and the word “Yes”, Jacob believes strongly that the weak should be culled, and Faith manipulates people using Bliss to turn them into mindless slaves. Voice-acting, dialogue, animation, and cinematics bring each one of these characters to life and while each exhibit dark actions they strongly believe what they’re doing is right, and so do their followers. People willing to lay down their lives for each one of them. Hence begins the long journey of traveling through Hope County, completing missions and taking back the land from Eden’s Gate. Each one of the Seed family could be the main antagonist on their own.

What to do, What to do?

Far Cry 5 is loaded with content, with the core campaign alone taking around 20 hours to complete. Side missions, hunting, optional vehicles and clothes, fishing, and much more are available. The developers encourage you to take part in every objective and try out different fighting tactics thanks to the challenge based leveling system. Unlike past Far Cry games, players earn tokens for completing specific challenges, which each have a cap. Once completed you can use those tokens to upgrade your character in an array of different skills and talents. This includes better carrying capacity, faster reloading, and more. Since each of these has a cap you have to diverse your weapons, tactics, and objectives to maximize tokens.

Since leveling doesn’t exist in Far Cry 5 players can take on whatever mission they like. You’re limited to a specific region and travel between them at will. This can lead to a harder experience for each one of Joseph’s family members will send out more powerful obstacles depending on how high your resistance meter is.

Each region has a resistance meter that fills up as you complete missions and disrupt cult activity within a specific region. Each one is separate and as it grows the local leaders become more vexed, leading to more patrols, roadblocks, or even a hunting party specifically to target you. This means you’ll constantly be supporting your core goal while engaging in optional objectives.

Some abilities are hidden beneath these side missions such as drugs that enhance speed, strength, and defense and special vehicles. Some of these are not made apparent, which can be an issue since the game’s endgame content consist of what is left over from your playthrough. Outside of the core campaign I’ve yet to find an opponent or mission tougher than the one’s Joseph Seed and his cult put me through.

Never Fight Alone

You’re not alone in this fight, the deputy has 9 allies they can call on. When upgraded you can call 2 of these special allies, which must be recruited by completing a specific mission. Boomer, a friendly dog whose family was killed by Eden’s Gate, can kill targets and highlight unmarked targets and Peaches can remain hidden and take out enemies silently. You gain access to a pilot, explosives expert, sniper, a grizzly bear, helicopter pilot, hunter, and close-quarters specialist. Each one is very useful and good at their expertise but they can be killed but come back after a specific amount of time runs out. This ensures that you never feel overwhelmed if you happened to bring the wrong tools for the mission. If you happen to get down your allies can revive you and since checkpoints punish you by starting close to the beginning of the mission mistakes can cause frustrating backtracking.

Speaking of tools Far Cry 5 has a lot of them. Weapons come in your standard SMG, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, RPG, and an assault rifle with different variants and customization options available. Since enemies only carry the standard weapons it’s encouraged to keep your custom items, and since you can only carry 3 after fully upgrading you’ll find yourself depending on your buddies for added support when faced with enemies you cannot handle.

Pay to Skip Ahead?

Money can be earned by completing missions and selling items by collecting magazines, furs from animals, and catching fish. Money is given at an adequate rate but a premium currency system is available. You can purchase guns, which would normally require a lot more grinding, instantly by buying Silver with real-world money. You can get Silver by playing the game but after completing it and earning almost the entire talent tree I only found 80 Silver Bars, to put things into perspective you need 500 Silver Bars to unlock a powerful item or around $7K-$9K, which can take hours depending on how lucky you are.

The large selection of items available makes for plentiful choices when encountering missions. You can choose to take everyone down from afar or charge forward. The shooting, aiming, and even melee combat work wonderfully as the combination of the sound of battle and music make for great atmospheric battles. This extends to the cars, boats, planes, and helicopters as each handle easy enough that anyone can feel comfortable hopping into any one of the vehicles available.

Trouble in Paradise?

However, some changes may not be popular with a lot of gamers. The removal of the minimap means you’ll have to depend on the compass to locate enemies and most of the game I played “Where am I being shot at?” especially in the open world. It’s also strange how insanely accurate enemies were with their weapons and aware of their surroundings. During a lot of the game, they couldn’t see me walk about them but other times spot me from a mile away and take perfect shots at my head with a fully automatic rifle or locate me while I’m shooting with a silenced weapon.

Another issue that I constantly encountered were technical issues dealing with NPC specific missions. Several times mission NPCs would disappear, clip through the environment, or simply not do anything. The game never crashed but when this occurred restarting at the latest checkpoint never worked and I would have to perform a hard restart to fix the issue. I even went as far to return my original copy for a new one believing I had a defective disc, but the problems continued. This isn’t new and I’ve come to expect hiccups from open world games but glitches I encountered were so frustrating I had to turn the console off and calm down after it happened the 16th time.

Community Multiplayer

Far Cry 5 does offer a multiplayer but it’s a matter of preference. Called Far Cry Arcade this mode is largely a modding tool for gamers to design and share their own levels with one another. The tools available are robust and the community has already done some jaw-dropping work but if you’re not interested in the user-based content or building your own levels this multiplayer option won’t change your mind.

Lots of Adventure

Far Cry 5 is an engaging adventure, full of things to do and characters that keep you moving forward until you see the end. Joseph Seed and his family easily steal the show with their dangerous ideologies that teeter on the supernatural. The multiplayer is hit or miss but the campaign is one worth experience, even with the technical issues. Far Cry 5 continues the franchises uneasy themes of drugs, chaos, and death by adding religious zeal to formula.

Far Cry 5 Review
The Good
  • Great Characters
  • Excellent Voice-Acting and Dialogue
  • Strong FPS gameplay
The Bad
  • Technical Issues
  • Stale Protagonist
  • Weapon Purchases Available with Microtransactions
7.5Overall Score
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