Far Cry 5 has been out for about a week now, So it should be time enough for you to check out some of the Seed Family. If you are having some trouble taking them out, Gamer Assault Weekly has got you covered.


You’ve made it to John Seed, one of Joseph’s family members. However, this won’t be a standard fight. He’s how to defeat John Seed.

First off, John will run out of the Chruch you encountered him in. Take out the enemies and wait for Mary May to drive you to the airfield, here’s the real fight.

Stand behind John at all times, do not head in front or he’ll tear you apart. Instead, keep it slow and remain in his back. If he attempts to go out of bounds lure him back to the center and head right back on his back. With enough damage he’ll parachute from the plane, you do the same. He’s immune to damage while in this state but you can land beforehand and set up an ambush.

Lay down explosives or take up a sniping position. Take on John, he won’t put up a fight.

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