Over a month after our initial report on the Kickstarter campaign for The Beast Inside, PlayWay and Illusion Ray Studio’s new “photorealistic” horror game, the campaign has officially come to a close as of April 1.

The game met its main goal of $60,000 CAD (~$46,345 USD) on March 13. Since our last update, The Beast Inside has now officially met three of the stretch goals that were set at the beginning of the campaign. And, when all was said and done, the Kickstarter accumulated a total of $83,713 CAD (~$64,808 USD.)

The three stretch goals that were met and will be added to the game’s release are listed as follows:

  • More gameplay mechanics to add to the depth and feel of the game itself
  • Twelve additional languages will be made available
  • More motion and face capture to add to the aesthetic appeal of the game

The campaign also just fell short of its $85,000 CAD stretch goal, which would have added an extra location (the Swamp) to the game. However, according to the folks at Illusion Ray Studio, they are going to do all they can “to make this trip to the Hut in the Swamps possible anyway.”

Once the campaign concluded, Illusion Ray Studio made one final blog update on The Beast Inside‘s Kickstarter page:

This is the end of the Chapter 1 – the Kickstarter campaign is over. But as you know after playing the demo of The Beast Inside, what comes after the Chapter 1 is a real essence…the adventure is just about to begin.

Thank you for the great support, for your feedback, for your engagement and for your trust in our project. Your unbelievable positive messages, the streams, videos, your reactions – this is what have been feeding our Beast for the past weeks, to the point where she has become so strong that she could go out! And it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

So this is just a beginning. The Beast Inside has been unleashed, speaks 13 languages and have many faces of fear (so many stretch goals reached!).We are thrilled and terrified waiting for the first encounter with its full version. Until then, you can add The Beast Inside to your STEAM Wishlist and wait for the next jump scares, because, as you probably have noticed by far, we are actually a big fans of them (and probably, so do you!)-> http://store.steampowered.com/app/792300/The_Beast_Inside/

All The Be(a)st,

IllusionRay Studio

PS. You deserve a little holiday after the fight like this one, so we will do our be(a)st to make this trip to the Hut in the Swamps possible anyway! Again, thank you!

The Beast Inside is currently in development for PC.

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