Everyone goes through patches where life gets worse. You fail a class, someone close to you dies, a break up happens, you lose a job, whatever the case is life has a way of shutting you down from time to time. For me, the last one is true, which of course puts a huge damper on trying to find new games to play. As a content creator that makes matters much worse in terms of keeping things fresh on camera. With no source of income, it proves challenging to find new games to play. As of late, I have been stuck replaying games a lot. In fact, if it weren’t for Games With Gold and a few PR companies I wouldn’t have had any new games to try out this month. So this month’s Games For Budget Gamers is a macrame of those games.

Xenon Valkyrie (PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One)

Xenon Valkyrie is a rogue-like RPG with randomly generated levels that’s as charming as it is difficult. There are three characters to play as each with their own benefits and disadvantages. The two I spent the most time playing as were the male and female protagonists. The male started with a higher HP count which made the beginning level a smidge easier, his downside seemed to be that he didn’t get certain bonuses as often as the female character. She started with a smaller amount of health but also regularly started with keys to chests where better weapons often lay in wait. As I mentioned earlier the levels are all randomly generated. So every death you reset back to the start of the chapter with basic weapons and have to begin leveling up again. If you use the teleporter to jump forward to an area you unlock you will be given a small number of tokens to use to level up but will be at what feels like a severe disadvantage. The boss battles are well put together requiring players to stay on their toes and figure out the “rules” to the fight. The game only runs about ten bucks and for fans of games like Shovel Knight, I recommend grabbing it.

Metro Redux (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

Metro Redux brings both classic Russian apocalypse games to new consoles all on one disc. Both games follow the story of Artyom, a young man who has spent most of his life living in the Metros below the wastelands of Moscow. Metro 2033 deals with Artyom’s quest to find the Spartan Order and deliver a message from one of their own. That message will save the Metro from certain doom from entities known as the Dark Ones. The latter half of the game follows Artyom working with the Spartans to complete their plan to wipe out the Dark Ones. The follow-up, Metro Last Light follows Artyom now a full-fledged member of the Spartans dealing with both the Nazis and Communists of rival Metro’s both trying to come after the D6 bunker for their own evil reasons. Artyom also finds out a young Dark One didn’t die in the blast and is now the key to saving his Metro and possibly the world. Both game mix the action most gamers enjoy with superb stealth and horror storytelling fans like myself enjoy. If you missed these games on the consoles of the last generation please go grab them now for about eighteen bucks.

The Witness (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mobile)

Puzzle games generally aren’t my forte. After a while of beating my head against a wall trying to figure out a puzzle, I’m usually on the verge of burning it all down and leaving. The Witness is one of those games that mix that frustration with extremely satisfying “aha” moments when you finally figure out what the puzzle actually wants from you. A lot of the puzzles require players to move a line through a maze of sorts on a screen. Seems easy enough right? Absolutely not. Sometimes the puzzles require players to use the surrounding environment to solve the puzzles. It could be almost anything. The way trees line up, shadows on the ground, sounds in the area and more can all be influences to solve the puzzle. Its a true and unique challenge and I recommend getting it while it’s free on Xbox or you can drop the forty bucks for it. The game is well worth it and provides hours of entertainment.

Superhot (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, VR)

I will readily admit when I first saw screenshots of this game I was ready to hate it. The exceedingly basic character design put me off immediately as did most of the textures in the game, I was also given a very poor description of the game.  A friend said was basically ” a stop-motion action movie ” which immediately made me want to avoid everything to do with the game. Flash forward to when it was announced for Games With Gold and at first glance, I immediately wondered why Microsoft wasted a slot in a game I thought was boring. I ended up downloading it as a filler game for in between bigger titles and the next thing I knew the credits were rolling and almost four hours had gone by. The concept from the game that this organization or other party taking over your computer, changing what you try to say to friends, making you isolated so you only have one thing in your life was immensely intriguing. The gameplay itself is also unique. The scene only moves when you the player moves. Your objective is usually just to eliminate all incoming threats and get through the level, but the game is so much more than that. It’s a conspiracy, it’s superb level design, and simple things like being able to throw your gun at an enemy to trip him up and then sprinting forward catching his gun then using it against him. If that sounds interesting at all then you can spend the twenty-five to get a copy of the game.

Pick of The Month: Far Cry 5 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Chalk this one up to being completely envious, but Far Cry 5 is at the top of the list of games I want. Taking place in the bowels of Montana, Far Cry 5 looks to hit all the right notes that Far Cry 3 did. The setting, the villains, the companions, it all adds up to arguably the best Far Cry experience to date. My basic understanding of the game is that it follows the main protagonist and a group he/she ends up joining as they try to push out this religious cult that has pretty much taken over the area and is putting everyone through hell. It’s also worth noting the game lets you have some cute little critters as companions. There’s Boomer the lovable pup, who just needs some tummy rubs if he gets knocked down. If that’s not your thing you can get a cougar, or even a giant bear named Cheeseburger to disembowel your enemies! The game is brand new and if you’re like me you’ll drop the sixty bucks as soon as you can for this amazing title.

Whatever you are going through in life I hope you it all works out for you. I also hope you try out a few of these games. Who knows maybe you’ll try something new and have a brand new favorite game. If not at the very least I hope they will bring you some joy! If you have any games to recommend please drop them below in the comment section.


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