Ever wanted to step into the world of your favorite anime series? Well, thanks to ADORES, Inc., an enterprise responsible for numerous entertainment venues like VR Park Tokyo; you might be able to have some experiences just like that! One of their recent VR attractions brings you into the popular comedy anime, Osomatsu-san, and live out an experience that feels just like an episode of the show.

Back during AnimeJapan 2018, Osomatsu-san VR was perhaps the star of the sampling of VR Park Tokyo attractions ADORES had brought to the convention. So, let’s talk about the whole anime-to-VR experience.

Playing Osomatsu-san VR

For those of you unacquainted with Osomatsu-san, it’s one of the hottest anime titles in the past decade. This comedy anime reboots a classic ’60s era cartoon into a modern comedy about adorable sextuplets who have grown up into unemployed perma-virgin slackers. It’s ripe with dick jokes, pop culture jokes, and boyish banter– and that’s what won the hearts of fans, especially girls, from all over the world.

Osomatsu-san VR delivers exactly what you’d expect from the TV show: more dick jokes, more pop cultures jokes, and more boyish banter. All of the series’ voice actors are there to voice your favorite boys once again. This time, you join the brothers in an original scenario created for this VR title.

In a fan’s greatest dream, you get to spend quality time in a public bath with these cute anime boys. Yes, they are in fact naked. Let me assure you: censored body parts will be flying around, naked boys will be tossed around the room, and all sorts of absurdity will ensue. It’s utterly hilarious and often on-the-nose too. Heck, the always-deadpan Ichimatsu asks the player, “What kind of pervert are you to be playing something like this?”

It’s a funny and well-thought-out VR attraction. Besides its use of VR to see naked anime boys, the gags are really brought to life by VR. Surprises pop out and new sight gags keep the player’s attention engaged across the VR space. While it’s not as fully interactive as something like Rick and Morty: Total Rick-ality, it’s perfect for what it is: a ride meant to be experienced in a VR park.

Bringing Anime VR to Western Fans

There was one thing that bothered me, though.

If you’re a tourist coming to Japan, enjoying a unique VR arcade experience might really round out your trip. Enjoying VR based on your favorite anime would especially make the “Japan experience” for you.

Unfortunately, Osomatsu-san VR and their other titles aren’t subtitled. If you’re not a Japanese language speaker, you might be losing out on some of the fun. Osomatsu-san‘s dialogue was peppered with so much comedy gold that you really would miss out on some of the fun without any Japanese knowledge. So, we asked if there’s any interest in bringing any form of localization or English support.

Currently, there are no such future plans. “If there’s a demand for English support or localization, we will consider it,” they replied.

What’s Next

Well, Osomatsu-san VR is a “limited time VR experience meant for Sega and Adores arcades in 11 major Japanese cities.” Its run is, unfortunately, over in most of these locations. Kobe’s Sega Umie Mosaic location, Tokyo’s Adores Sunshine store, and a few locations in Hokkaido still have it.

We had a brief chat with Chief Clerk Hitoshi Takenaka of ADORES’ VR Operations Group. We were wondering: what’s next? What’s the next popular property they’ll bring to life?

He gave a brief answer, “After the Osomatsu collab is finished, our next collab has yet to be decided. It’s still being considered.” Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait and see.

We’re excited to see what ADORES will bring next, though. The VR park experience brings some fun thrills and laughs, and it’s great to see anime-themed experiences as part of those attractions. Bringing another mega-hit to VR might be the way to go. Hopefully, future releases may even take foreign language support into consideration for Japan’s growing tourism and passionate overseas fans!

If you had one anime you’d love to see become a VR thrill ride, which one would it be and why? Let us know in the comments.

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