Warhammer: Vermintide 2 closed beta has ended, but now the pre-order beta is underway.

Any progress made in the beta will carry over to the full game, which launches next week on PC. It’s basically a near-finished version of the game, but different from the closed beta.

Pre-order beta patch notes:


  • Added new intro movie


  • Axes should now feel ‘wider’ and as such feel more effective
  • Dots now require damage to apply
  • Lessened the amount of shield vermin in patrols on recruit
  • Reduced the effectiveness of damage boost potion
  • Reduced the range of berzerker/raider attacks
  • Reduced the range of Knight Kruber’s charge
  • Sienna’s mace now reaches further
  • Small staggers should not make downed Chaos Warriors stand back up
  • special spawning, patrols and horde timing tweaks
  • Switch beam staff left/right
  • Tweaked crossbow spread speed up
  • Various other balance changes (just try things out, we made a lot of adjustments!)


  • Bots can now use talents, huzzah!
  • Bots should no longer freak out in shallow water
  • Fixed a case where bots would stop reviving a player whenever a ranged attacker performed an attack (regardless of the distance between them)


  • Fix crash caused by Chaos Spawn chew attack
  • Fix rare crash that could happen after a chaos warrior launch attack
  • Fixed a crash caused when hitting a ragdolled enemy
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you got disconnected from the game just as the win/lose screen was finished
  • Fixed crash caused by paintings
  • Fixed crash issue when joining game
  • Fixed crash when setting overcharge values on a weapon that was unequipped
  • Fixed issues with crashing when opening a loot chest or crafting when the host leaves the game
  • Fixed opening charm tab in inventory or clicking currently equipped charm occasionally leading to a crash
  • Fixed various other tougher to describe crashes


  • Added camera animations to Sienna’s flamethrower staff along with a new start animation for the charged attack
  • Added hero selection hotkey to keybindings menu
  • Against the Grain Fix for unlocalized objectives
  • Bounty Hunter talent “Extremely Impatient” should now properly reset cooldown of “Impatient” on melee kills
  • Changed Zealot passive damage increase calculation to allow high buff stack amounts even when grimoires are picked up
  • Fix wizards sword light chain and push
  • Fixed all kruber shoulders and thumb poses for the 2h hammer set
  • Fixed bug with loot chest reward backgrounds were drawn during opening presentation
  • Fixed certain activated abilities not being able to be used during a weapon action
  • Fixed Gutter Runner having issues while jumping on Bardin
  • Fixed Lifeleech perception, can no longer change target mid-attack
  • Fixed not being able to deal damage to explosive barrels with certain weapons
  • Fixed some locations in the Keep where you could get stuck
  • Force ragdoll on death when an enemy is in a vortex
  • Ironbreaker: Critical beard fixes
  • Kerillian’s 1h sword should no longer ignore heavy attack input
  • Keybinding added for Weapon Special
  • Maiden Guard: Fixed missing material assignment
  • Polished staff animations
  • Removed overly explosive impact effects from Flamestorm Staff.
  • Shortened the game end timer from 10 to 4 seconds when last standing player is dead. Game end timer is still 10 seconds if last standing player is only disabled
  • Sienna Pyromancer activated ability no longer bounces on training dummies
  • Swapped stat improved by talent for Zealot
  • The amount of crafting materials you gained are now correctly shown after completing a Salvage
  • Unchained no longer vents overcharge by pushing enemies
  • Venting no longer triggers Gromril Armour cooldown
  • Waystalker: Added arrow in quiver


  • Added missing sound triggers to heavy attacks with Sienna’s mace
  • Fixed character foley and voice over not always loading correctly
  • Fixed charge sound on Flamestorm Staff
  • Fixed missing light attack sounds on Kerillian’s Wardancer Blade
  • Horde music should no longer get stuck in a loop


  • Added enemy shield armor indicators
  • Added fade in delay for item compare tooltips
  • Added keywords on weapon tooltips
  • Added missing enemy portrait textures
  • Added new images for trinkets and charms when presenting them in chest opening screen
  • Added new item icons for Sienna’s Beam Staffs
  • Added new necklace icons
  • Added new shading environment for weapon presentation in chest opening screen
  • Added new trinket icons
  • Added tooltip in inventory screen to explain Hero Power
  • All items should now have working tooltips (WIP)
  • Changed mission voting ui to reflect the new additional options
  • Fixed double item tooltip compare for Slayer Bardin
  • Fixed issue with item sorting not being applied
  • Fixed so skin name and descriptions are presented on weapons with skins applied
  • Fixed updated weapon skins with the correct icons
  • HUD weapon icons are now showing correct item type icon when playing Bardin Slayer.
  • Level presentation in mission voting popup are now using the correct frame
  • Now properly displays inventory tabs for slayer bardin
  • Only salvagable items will now be presented in the the Crafting page for Salvage
  • Rarities on items are now being presented in the background
  • Reskin for friends view
  • Updated some talent icons

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 releases March 8th on PC. A PS4 and an Xbox One version are in the works but no release date is available.

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