As previously reported, Movie Games S.A. (a division of PlayWay) and Illusion Ray Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign in late February for The Beast Inside, an ambitious “photorealistic” horror game they are currently developing.

As of March 13, The Beast Inside has officially been funded, having reached its main goal of $60,000 CAD (~46,345 USD.) Illusion Ray Studio made a blog post on the game’s Kickstarter page, expressing their gratitude, and urging fans to look to the future.

“You have unleashed The Beast Inside! After less than three weeks from the start of our campaign, we have reached the main goal. It is all thanks to you and your support for our project, huge thank you for all the backers who have contributed to this success!  

But let’s not celebrate for too long- the adventure is just about to seriously begin.  

Did you enjoy the exploration of the world of The Beast Inside, the way you could interact with it? We assume that the answer is ”yes”, and if not, then there is still a motivation to fight for the First Stretch Goal regarding what it brings – now we are aiming for more gameplay mechanics  We want to create the most realistic world in which you can immerse, get properly scared and feel like a part of it.  

Don’t limit The Beast(s) Inside you and fight with us for a new ways of interacting with a fear!  

Thank you,  

Illusion Ray Studio”

As alluded to in this message, while the base game has been funded, The Beast Inside has yet to reach any of its stretch goals. However, the campaign is less than $9,000 USD away from reaching the first stretch goal, which would add extra gameplay mechanics.

What’s more is that the campaign still has just over two weeks to go. If you haven’t yet donated to the game’s Kickstarter, you still have until April 1 at 11:10am MDT to do so. The rewards you can receive from doing so are available on The Beast Inside‘s Kickstarter page (which, again, can be found here.)

While the journey isn’t quite over yet, congratulations are definitely in order for the folks at Movie Games S.A. and Illusion Ray Studio.

The Beast Inside is currently in development for PC.

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