Thanks to a company named Realtech VR, a remastered version of Tomb Raider Trilogy will be coming to Steam.

The games that make up Tomb Raider Trilogy have already been officially released to Steam, but they’re not quite good in their present state. There’s all sorts of performance and control errors because of how the ports were originally handled, as DOS ports ran through an emulator. Fortunately, Realtech VR’s remasters will aim to fix that.

In order to pick up these remasters, you will need a copy of the current releases of the trilogy. This is because instead of handling it as a brand new release, Realtech VR’s remaster functions as a mod- a mod that is thankfully free.

You’ll be able to enjoy these classics at 1080p at 60 fps. They’ll now feature a new 3D engine, plus OpenVR support. Finally, it’ll offer many conveniences for gamers, including a range of graphic options and controllers support.

Check out the above and below video to see their work so far.

There is some reason to have a bit of doubt about the project, however. Realtech VR is basing their work off of Square Enix’s mobile port of these Tomb Raider games. Recent backlash against Chrono Trigger‘s Steam port shows that bringing mobile quality ports to PC may not be the best idea, but we’ll see.

No release date was given for the project. However, Realtech VR has already completed the first two games. Square Enix plans to make these mods available after the third game is finally done.

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