Rooster Teeth’s The Know has allegedly received information from an “anonymous inside source” claiming that Grand Theft Auto VI, the (as of yet, unannounced) next installment in Rockstar Games’ flagship series is currently in the works and being referred to internally as Project Americas.

According to the report, GTA VI will primarily be set in Vice City (Rockstar’s fictitious version of Miami, Florida, and the setting of both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Vice City Stories.) Given the fact that GTA IV and GTA V gave players revamped versions of Liberty City (from GTA III and Liberty City Stories) and Los Santos (from San Andreas), respectively, fans have already been speculating that Vice City would be the next to receive an overhaul. The report suggests that certain missions in the game’s story will also take players to unspecified parts of South America.

If GTA VI does, in fact, take place in Vice City, it would be the first game in the series to feature the titular town since Vice City Stories in 2006.

The information also states that GTA VI will feature the franchise’s very first female protagonist, something many fans have been calling for. However, it does not state whether or not there will be multiple playable characters like in GTA V.

Finally, the report has given the rough release window of three to four years from now. Given Rockstar’s track record with delays, however, it’s safe to assume that, provided the information is correct, that GTA VI is most likely to arrive in 2022.

It’s best to take rumors such as these with a grain of salt, although it is worth mentioning that The Know was mostly correct with the details they released on Dark Souls 3 before its announcement and the information surrounding Half-Life 3‘s development (or lack thereof.)

In the meantime, Rockstar is set to release their next big title, Red Dead Redemption 2, later this year. And an official statement on GTA VI is not likely to be released until after the fact.


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