Apparently, Nintendo might be interested in introducing a few interesting peripherals. A recently discovered Nintendo patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Nintendo is considering bringing keyboard support and support for Donkey Konga’s bongo controllers to the Nintendo Switch.

The patent’s description suggests that they’ll connect to the console via NFC technology, just as Joy-Cons do. So, this isn’t just about bringing support for your old GameCube-era bongos; Nintendo might be interested in doing something totally new with a bongo control scheme again.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, however. Patents don’t always get used, and Nintendo files a number of patents that don’t pan out.

Still, it’s nice to dream that Donkey Konga or something like Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat could make a Switch comeback. Or heck, I’d love to see a Dark Souls-Switch run done via the bongos. Keyboards might also open the doors to more communication on the Switch.

Curious to find out how these patents will work out? We’ll gladly let you know if more information becomes available.

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