The development team at Blizzard are looking for new ways to improve Overwatch’s experience. With a new feature called Avoid As Teammate that allows you to avoid certain people.

The mode was recently introduced but was suppose to come out during the 10th competitive season. Instead, director of Overwatch Jeff Kaplan stated that his team of engineers finished it early and decided to roll it out.

What the feature does is allow players to pick up to 2 players to avoid. This means the selected players won’t be featured on your team but can be placed on the opposing team. The list will reset every week but players can place the same player on the list each week.

There are 2 setbacks to this. For players on the Grandmaster Teir they could expect longer queues since the matchmaking system will now cater to placing players of similar skill on your team as well as avoiding the players on your Avoid As Teammate list.

Those who appear on a large majority of lists will receive a notification that they can expect longer queues but won’t be penalized with a ban. Kaplan explained they might increase the number but for now 2 is being tested.

This may become a popular feature in other multiplayer games as well. Avoiding specific people who don’t perform bannable actions but are genuinely vexing to play with would greatly enhance the gameplay experience.

Overwatch is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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