Hunting in Monster Hunter World is about to get more SSStylish. You’ll soon be able to explore, quest, and hunt as Dante from the Devil May Cry series in Monster Hunter!

Like past collaborations, the Devil May Cry collaboration will bring a few new items into Monster Hunter World. Dante’s red coat will become available for players to recreate Dante’s look.

Dante’s iconic weapons, Force Edge and Alastor, will be available as one brand new weapon in the “Charge Blade” category. This weapon will have some particularly cool animation quirks.

Its default form will take the form of Force Edge. Charge Blades normally have shields, but to give it that Devil May Cry charm, you won’t see a shield. You can still guard as usual. You also might be wondering how it’ll handle the Charge Blade animation where your sword combines with your shield to become a giant hammer. For this weapon, you’ll instead bring out a huge version of Dante’s Alastor. It’s pretty darn smokin’; gamers can look forward to slapping big monsters in the face with it.

More details will be released later. However, rest assured: all players will be able to earn this content for free via an Event Quest.

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