Kirby Star Allies maintains the series strengths and weaknesses. It’s an outstandingly entertaining game full of vibrant and creatively designed levels that’s fun to play alone or with friends. However, like many installments, it’s not challenging and moderately skilled gamers can breeze through the game’s harder difficulty options with ease. Regardless, Kirby Star Allies is an entertaining adventure that will delight fans of the franchise and platformers alike.

Not Here For Story, I’m Here To Play

Kirby Star Allies’ story is as barebones as it gets, which to some may not be much of an issue. A mysterious dark energy has invaded Popstar and threatens the entire universe. Kirby must travel through various levels and repel the dark energy before it consumes everything. Your basic restoring peace to everything plot line.

Where Kirby Star Allies shines is in the level design and gameplay. Kirby can now befriend up to 3 hostile enemies using hearts to fight alongside him. Kirby is still equipped with his iconic copying ability and can consume and take the powers of hostile enemies when needed.  These include classics such as Fire Kirby, Ice Kirby, and Blade Knight along with new abilities such as Artist which brings art to life and attacks and Love-Love Stick which is a combination of fighter Kirby with a combat poll. However, unique to this Kirby game is the ability to mix and match powers using your allies for special attacks.

Kirby can now combine attacks using his allies. These attacks are unique to specific combinations meaning changing up your allies is heavily recommended. For example, you can mix together water and plasma to create electrical shocks that damage enemies. Some secret areas can only be unlocked using specific combinations such as combining Blade Knight with Burning Leo for Sizzle Sword to burn a fuse unreachable otherwise.

Let’s Be Friends

Kirby Star Allies can be played alone or with friends. The game supports local drop-in/drop-out cooperative play at any time. If you want to leave in the middle of a level you can and the AI will take over. Surprisingly the AI is very smart and more than capable of not only handling themselves in combat but in puzzle situations. You can manually control AI allies by hopping on their backs but I never had to do this since my allies were capable of smashing objective specific items or being in the right positions. It’s clear that the developers took a lot of time to ensure the AI was perfect and it shows.

Allies can be used for a lot more attacks that than combination abilities. Special unified constructs allow for destructive attacks such as Friend Circle or Friend Star. It’s more power and options to destroy anyone who stands in your way.

Taking into consideration of many powerful abilities, the incredibly helpful allies, and robust array of moves you probably figured out that the challenge for Kirby Star Allies is low. That’s correct, even in modes such as The Ultimate Choice, which limits recovery items in a boss rush mode, the game is pretty easy but that’s okay. The joy of Kirby Star Allies comes from the delightful fun powers and abilities. Trying them all out and using the various combinations easily overshadows the ease of plowing through hordes of enemies.

These Stages Are Insane

Each stage is elaborating designed and every boss is exciting to face. The ease of the game was never a problem as the creative levels and wonderfully large scale fights easily overshadowed this. Surprisingly the game never slows down from 60fps during my 2 playthroughs, which is an impressive feat considering how much was going on screen.

It’s More Kirby

Kirby Star Allies is a creative and fun adventure that puts entertaining the player above challenge. The beautifully decorated stages and smart use of Kirby’s powers encouraged creative choices as I unlock new secrets by analyzing what combination of powers would best serve specific situations. It won’t delight those seeking a hardcore platforming hurdles but Kirby Star Allies lacks in difficulty more than makes up in fun.

Kirby Star Allies Review
  • Elaborate Stages
  • Great Boss Battles
  • Fantastic AI and Cooperative Action
  • Very Easy
8.5Overall Score
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