EA and Hazelight Studios’ A Way Out releases next week and in anticipation, the achievement list has been revealed. The list contains spoilers so continue at your own risks.
This is only the achievement list and not the trophy list. It’s likely the same list will be used, including 1 platinum added, but what will be bronze, silver, and gold is still unknown.
Take A Breather — You took a break from it all. –  80 GS
Freedom — You freed someone from captivity. – 50 GS
In Sync — Music was played in harmony. – 80 GS
Timeless Treasure — You linked up to get past. – 100 GS
No Cheating — You exposed some infidelity. – 50 GS
Break From Reality — You played a videogame with a friend. – 50 GS
Mayday! — You almost took to the skies. – 50 GS
Managed Anger — Dark desires done right – 80 GS
Live The Dream — “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” – 100 GS
Backseat Mechanic — You helped fix the bike. – 50 GS
Take It For A Spin — You did what the wind couldn’t. – 80 GS
You Started It — Not kids anymore. – 80 GS
The Dip — You set a new record. – 100 GS
Home Run — You are clearly good with a bat. – 50 GS

A Way Out launches March 23 and will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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