NieR: Automata has reached its one year anniversary, and the team at Square Enix would like to celebrate with everybody through a big live stream event! 24 hours of NieR: Automata fun will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga on March 3rd.

The event will feature a marathon through the entire game. We’ll get to see various appearances from the game’s staff, voice actors, and even appearances from the tie-in YorHa stage plays’ actors! And of course, the game’s quirky creator, Yoko Taro, himself will even show up as well.

For those who’d like to follow alongside the event live, here’s schedule of appearances and the who’s who. English subtitles will likely not be available, though dedicated fans will likely subtitle parts later.

March 3 at 7:00pm JST

  • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer – Platinum Games)
  • Yoshikaze Matsushita (Character modeling artist – Platinum Games)

Guest at 7:15~7:21pm

    Yui Ishikawa (Voice of 2B from NieR: Automata/No.2 from the NieR: Automata musical)

March 3 at 11:00pm JST

  • Chihira Mochida (Voice of No. 16 from the musical)
  • Mio Hanana (Voice of No. 21 from the musical)
  • Miyako Maikawa (Voice of the Commander from the musical)
  • An Tachibana (Voice of Anemone from the musical)

March 4 at 3:00am JST

  • Naoki Saito (No. 9 from Shonen YoRHa)
  • Hisashi Murata (No. 21 from Shonen YoRHa)
  • Shin’ichiro Ueda (No. 2 from Shonen YoRHa)
  • Yuuto Doi (No. 6 from SHonen YoRHa)

March 4 at 7:00am JST

  • Hatsune Matsushima (Personality)
  • Unannounced other guests
  • March 4 at 11:00am JST

    • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
    • Ushizawa (Gamer)

    March 4 at 3:00pm JST

    • Takahisa Taura (Game designer – Platinum Games)
    • Hito Matsudaira (Character modeling artist – Platinum Games)

    Guest at 3:15pm~5:00pm

    • Hiroki Yasumoto (Voice of Pod042 from NieR: Automata)

    March 4 at 7:00pm JST

    • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
    • Yoko Taro (Director)
    • Keiichi Okabe (Composer)
    • Takahisa Taura (Game designer – Platinum Games)
    • Others