Nintendo is seemingly in the midst of a big week of maintenance and updates for the Nintendo Switch. Two rounds of maintenance have already taken place this week, and more are on the way. Therefore, owners of the console should be aware that certain Switch features may be unavailable to them at certain points in time as the week progresses.

The first round of Switch maintenance took place during February 20 between 5 pm PT/8pm ET and 7:30 pm PT/10: 30 pm ET. Nintendo did not say which specific games and services would be impacted, but did state that online features for certain titles “may become unavailable.” This seems to imply that multiplayer-heavy games have been impacted the most.

The second round of maintenance (immediately following the first) is exclusive to Minecraft, with Nintendo stating that “all network services” for the game would be unavailable from roughly 9 pm PT/12am ET to 10:30 pm PT/1: 30 am ET.

The third maintenance period is scheduled for February 21 and will be longer than the first two. This round will take place from 8:50 pm PT/11: 50 pm ET at roughly 12 am PT/3am ET. During this time, online capabilities for certain (unspecified) game will be impacted.

The final round of maintenance will be for the Nintendo eShop and is scheduled for Monday, February 26 and will take place from 5 pm PT/8pm ET to 7 pm PT/10pm ET. During this time, players will be unavailable to use credit cards to make purchases.

Nintendo’s full notes on the maintenance schedule can be found here.



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