Geguri is an incredibly skilled Overwatch player who has a significant fanbase and widely considered one of the best Zarya’s players in the entire game. According to a stream from the player herself, she’s joining a “foreign team.”

These reports are not coming from the Overwatch League. So far, the only official word about this comes from the player herself.

It’s assumed that Geguri would be joining New York Excelsior; this is supported by the fact that she’s being followed on Twitter by the head of personnel of New York Excelsior Scott Tester, team analyst Andrew Kin, and other team members.

Geguri is one of the top Zarya players in the world, rivaling pros that accused her of hacking during 2017’s Nexus Cup. Blizzard Korea threw out the accusations.

Update 2/7/2018:

According to new reports, Geguri will be joining Shanghai Dragons and not New York Excelsior. Currently, no confirmation has been give.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Lunar Event starts on February 8th, bringing themed cosmetics to the game for a limited of time.

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