In a recent developer’s update, Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan discussed the upcoming Lunar Event.

In the update, Kaplan explained that the seasonal mode, Capture the Flag, would be getting a customed made map. Set in Thailand the map has been customized with 2 distinct areas. In addition, the Capture the Flag game mode will feature new changes and additions.

First off, sudden death has been added and draws have been removed. Instead, during draws, each team’s flag will be transported to the middle of the map. In addition, movement enhancing abilities will now drop the flag instantly. This means those using Soldier 76’s Spring or Winston’s jump will automatically drop the flag. However, because of that, the pickups are now instant instead of timed.

Those hoping to prove themselves the best can compete in the 4-week competitive arena for Capture the Flag. Those who earn the top 500 spot will gain a unique spray.

Kaplan did confirm that 6 new legendary skins will be added to the 4-week event. Mercy and Genji were confirmed to have legendary skins this season.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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