Overwatch is known for constantly tweaking and modifying the gameplay abilities of its playable character (such as last month’s nerfing of support hero Mercy and defense hero Junkrat.) Now, Overwatch‘s lead designer Geoff Goodman has announced in a forum post on Battle.net that the next character to receive an overhaul will be attack hero and hacker extraordinaire Sombra. Goodman explained,

“A few changes that are being worked on accidentally found their way into the most recent patch. This is unintentional and we’re working on removing these. We’re planning on putting up a new PTR soon that has these changes (and more), so consider this a sneak peek.”

He then provided a list of the complete (so far) changes being made to Sombra:

  • [Sombra] no longer gains ult from health pack healing
  • Weapon spread decreased by 10%
  • Hacking speed increased from 0.8s to 0.65s
  • Hacking will disable more abilities. Basically, any ability that requires a button press will be disabled.

Goodman elaborated on the last point, explaining that abilities such as Genji’s double jump and wall climb, Pharah’s hover jets, Hanzo’s wall climb, Lucio’s active crossfade song, and Mercy’s angelic descent will now all be disabled by Sombra’s hacking.

While Sombra’s ult gain is clearly taking a hit, these new changes mostly seem like a major buff for the hero. Goodman himself even acknowledges this, stating that “the idea here is to take some power out of her ult (and awkwardness of ult gain through health packs), and give her more power and usefulness in the rest of her kit.”


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