The developers behind Dead Rising, Capcom Vancouver, have been stricken with layoffs.

Capcom told IGN:

“Capcom Vancouver has undergone a restructure which has impacted approximately 30 percent of the studio, as part of its regular periodic assessment of upcoming projects and overall studio goals. The team is continuing to work to support the recent release of Puzzle Fighter for mobile and is dedication to it flagship Dead Rising series.”

According to a source who spoke to Kotaku, Capcom Vancouver’s latest project has been canceled and the scope of the next Dead Rising game has been reduced. The game was supposed to take place in an alternate reality version of NYC.

The latest game in the series, Dead Rising 4, originally released for Xbox One and Windows 10 in December 2016 before coming to PS4 in December 2017. Titled Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, this version of the game included all DLC content, bonus cosmetic items, and Capcom Heroes.

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