Movie Games S.A. (a division of PlayWay) and Illusion Ray Studio have starter a Kickstarter campaign for their new PC game The Beast Inside. The Kickstarter page describes the title as a “photorealistic horror game” that contains “the best of horror and thriller merged in the multi-layered story of madness and forgotten, horrifying secrets.”

The synopsis given on the game’s official website reads as follows:

“The Beast Inside” is a horror-thriller game about Adam, who is exploring dark flashbacks of traumatic events from the past. He doesn’t realize that these retrospections will awake the beast inside.

The game’s Steam page boasts the following features:

  • Discovering complex semi-open world from first person perspective
  • Controlling two protagonists in two different time periods
  • Every item is fully interactive
  • Interacting with the environment and solving physics-based puzzles
  • Breaking and deciphering codes, looking for clues in old texts
  • Hiding and running from a wide range of entities
  • Or fighting with them, using a revolver and environmental advantages or your wits
  • Realistic graphics – achieved with the magic of UE4 engine and an extended use of photogrammetry techniques.

A first-look trailer for The Beast Inside has also been released, which shows off the title’s gorgeous graphics, chilling atmosphere, and old-timey aesthetic, as well as offers hints about game’s plot and glimpses at its apparent villain.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on February 20 and, at the time of writing, the game currently has 347 backers who have pledged $9,261 USD towards the $47,378 USD (~$60,000 CAD) goal. The campaign will remain active until Sunday, April 1 2018 at 11:10am MDT. (Please be aware that this an “all or nothing” campaign, and that the game will only be funded if it reaches its goal.)

Provided the goal is reached, PlayWay is aiming for a Q1 2019 release. Everyone who pledges towards the goal within the first 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign’s launch will receive exclusive access to the game’s beta. After the 48 hours have passed, only those who have pledged $100 CAD or more will receive this access. In addition, all backers will receive a demo of the game.

In addition to the aforementioned main goal of $60,000 CAD (~$47,378 USD), several stretch goals have been specified and are listed as follows:

  • $75,000 CAD (~$59,070 USD) – More Gameplay Mechanics
  • $90,000 CAD (~$70,884 USD) – More Motion and Face Capture
  • $100,000 CAD (~$78,760 USD) – 12+ Languages
  • $115,000 CAD (~$90, 574 USD) – Additional Location
  • $130,000 CAD (~$102,388 USD) – New Subplot
  • $150,000 CAD (~$118,140 USD) – Additional Enemy Type
  • $175,000 CAD (~$137,830 USD) – Another Location
  • $200,000 CAD (~$157,520 USD) – Additional Quest
  • $225,000 CAD (~$177,210 USD) – More NPCs
  • $250,000 CAD (~$196,900 USD) – Multiple Endings
  • $275,000 CAD (~$216,590 USD) – Xbox One/PS4 Versions
  • $300,000 CAD (~$236,280 USD) – VR Mode
  • $350,000 CAD (~$275,660 USD) – Surprise Goal

Details for the various rewards backers can receive are available on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Developer Illusion Ray Studio is described as a “team of young, talented artists with many years of experience in both film and gaming” who “believe that a well-balanced mix of gripping narrative, beautiful graphics, and immersive gameplay is the key to players’s hearts.” And their goal with The Beast Inside is to “create a game with a very strong, twisted narrative, that will keep players on the edge.”

Once again, The Beast Inside‘s Kickstarter page can be found here, the game’s official website here, and its Steam page here. To reiterate, the game has until April 1 to reach its goal and is being slated for an early 2019 release. If the title has piqued your interest, do consider donating.

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