Back in 2017 loot boxes become such a negative controversy that it spread throughout the internet and eventually made it’s up to government intervention. Many have cited that EA’s release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to be the spark that began the fire that has engulfed the video game industry with its predatory loot box microtransaction system. Now Democrative State Representative for Hawaii Chris Lee who has been one of the leading charges against loot boxes has submitted 2 bills to the United States House and Senate.

The first pair of bills, House Bill 2686 and Senate Bill 3024, proposes a ban on the sale of games with loot boxes to anyone under the age of 21. This would prohibit retailers from selling games that feature a system that offers random rewards.

The second pair of bills, House Bill 2727 and Senate Bill 3025, would force developers and publishers to disclose loot box odds and would have to feature a warning that reads “Warning: contains in-game purchases and gambling-like mechanisms which may be harmful or addictive.”

The grounds for these changes are massive. Some are calling the loot box controversy just as big as the one caused by Mortal Kombat back in the 1990s which led to the establishment of the rating system in video games such as the ESRB and PEGI.

Source: Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Hawaii.go
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