Suda51 gave fans a brief update on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. While he unfortunately didn’t have any new gameplay trailers to share, he offered fans a look at the concept art for different things within the game.

The first illustration he showed was The Golden Gun. It’s a demon killing weapon used by a currently unrevealed character, who appears in one of Travis Strikes Again‘s game worlds. Suda compared it to Garcia’s gun in his previous game, Killer7.

The next illustration he showed was the Demon Spear. It appears in the sixth and final game world and you’ll also catch a glimpse of it in the game’s opening sequence.

Apparently, the design is incredibly recent. Suda was sent the design on the very day the livestream was broadcast. This comment may or may not indicate where the team is with development progress.

His final design reveal was some sort of enemy. It’ll have a quirky attack animation where it fires off a Kamehameha-like beam from hands that pop out of it’s mouth. Unfortunately, the designs are difficult to see during the stream.

He ended the Travis Strikes Again news with a brief teaser about one of the game’s worlds. In a meta twist, one of the video game worlds Travis will travel to is… a game-within-a-game. Yes, you read that right: you’ll be playing a game-within-a-game-within-a-game.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will launch for Nintendo Switch some time in 2018.