SteamWorld Dig‘s developer, Image & Form, and Fe‘s developer, Zoink Games, have had a long-time collaborative relationship on self-publishing. Now, they’re officially coming together as a single parent company: Thunderful.

They will continue to collaborate on publishing logistics as they have been. In addition, they’ll continue to work on new and existing IPs between studios. Thunderful is just Zoink Games’ and Image & Forms’ next step towards developing high-quality indie games and pursuing ambitious publishing opportunities.

The CEOs of Image & Form and Zoink Games have taken top positions at this new company. Following this development, they’ve given comments about the merge.

Klaus Lyngeled, CEO of Zoink and Chief Creative Officer of Thunderful, stated, “Brjann [CEO of Image & Form) and I already exchange very much information, so this development is natural. With a group of close to 50 people we’ll grow our clout both nationally and internationally.” Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form and CEO of Thunderful, also provided a brief quote:

The gaming industry is rife with opportunities and many try their hand at it. We know that in order to stay at the absolute top level, we must continue to develop world-class games. Fortunately, we are consistently proving that this is where we belong.

Thunderful’s web page can be found here.