The Sea of Thieves closed beta experience hasn’t entirely been smooth sailing; there’s been a couple of common errors that many of its players have experienced. To make it up to the participants, Rare will be extending the Sea of Thieves closed beta for two days.

The beta will be running until January 31st, 12 AM PT/3 AM ET. Doing so will give Rare a chance to hopefully resolve some of the beta’s bugs and compensate players who’ve had difficult accessing the beta.

The most notorious of the game’s bugs was the “Too Early” bug. Essentially, the “Too Early” bug is a failure message that many players have seen while trying to access the beta client. It’s intended to normally stop players from entering the demo before the beta is officially live, although players have been seeing the message even as the beta has gone officially live. Rare has issued a fix, though the glitch has definitely taken away from many players’ time.

Sea of Thieves will set sails for Xbox One and PC on March 20.

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