The Xbox One doesn’t have much of an exclusive library, especially when compared to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft doesn’t have a healthy selection of titles to choose from and it seems that the company is seeking to revive the Fable franchise.

This is just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft. According to Eurogamer, they’ve heard rumors of a Fable game in development at Playground Games. It’s still in the early stages of development though.

Originally launched back in 2004 for the Xbox the Fable franchise has been known for disappointing fans with over-enthusiastic descriptions made by Peter Molyneux. The games released were less ambitious than the marketing made it seem leading to a lot of vexation.

However, the franchise garnered enough popular appeal thanks to the game’s healthy open world, diverse enemy variety, and interesting lore to warrant 2 sequels and several spin-offs. With E3 2018 coming closer each day if these rumors do happen to be true we’ll hear it there.

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