This week marked the start of the Overwatch League, with teams of professional Overwatch players facing off for glory and profit. IGN interviewed several team members during the event and learned that Mercy, predominantly, is the most hated hero in Overwatch.

IGN spoke to Silkthread from Los Angeles Valiant team, Avast from the Boston Uprising team and Super from San Francisco Shock echoed each other’s statement of Mercy being vexing to deal with. These players and others also agreed that Mercy’s main issue is her Resurrection ability. With it, Mercy can void 1 kill. Understandably it can be annoying to see your previous actions completely erased, however, Mercy is completely vulnerable when using the ability and Resurrection has the longest cooldown in the game.

Mercy has gone through radical adjustments since the launch of Overwatch. At first, her Resurrection ability was linked to her ultimate and charged so fast that Blizzard had to reduce it. Mercy’s Resurrection ability was then altered to a passive chargeable talent and her ultimate was replaced with the Valkyrie ability which gave her flight. Mercy’s latest change in the PTR had her Resurrection ability nerfed once again, preventing it from instantly recharging after activating Valkyrie.

While suggestions about her removal were made, it’s unlikely that Blizzard will go as far to remove Mercy. Instead, it’s much more likely that the Hero will go under extensive testing to ensure a more balanced experience. Despite her negative reception Mercy is still one of the primary heroes to have on a team thanks to her ability to heal, fly, and boost damage.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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