The January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini offered us some new information about the upcoming Kirby title. Now, Kirby: Star Allies has a proper release date and details on some of Kirby’s new abilities.

First up, let’s talk about his power-ups. The Artist ability lets Kirby paint new allies to life. For example, Kirby can paint a fake King Dedede who’ll come-to-life and fight beat up Kirby’s enemies. The Spider ability lets Kirby bind enemies in webs and kick them as projectiles.

Kirby will also have some neat Friend Abilities. Enemies’ abilities can work in conjunction with Kirby’s current ability to create some interesting results. Combining water and ice abilities will create an icicle lance attack!

When you play co-op with friends, you can have your friends play as enemies that Kirby has turned into his allies. Sharing abilities will let you open new paths in the levels. You’ll also be able to do stuff like turn into a goofy-looking “Friend Train,” where Kirby and friends dash in line together.

Kirby: Star Allies will be released on March 18th for Nintendo Switch.