EA’s next big game, Anthem, is currently under fire. Last year was a troublesome year, as the publisher faced criticism over the predatory loot boxes found in Star Wars Battlefront 2Need for Speed- Payback saturated with microtransactions, the closure of Visceral Games, and Mass Effect Andromeda’s buggy release. Now, public relation with the studio is at a low.

Things got worse when a patent detailing an algorithm called Multiplayer Video Game Matchmaking Optimization made rounds around the internet about a system to promote the sale of microtransactions. Some are worried it’ll come to Anthem.

This system would alter matchmaking to encourage the player to purchase more items. This would force players matches against those with higher skill levels to encourage the purchasing items.

Anthem’s technical design director, Brenon Holmes, got involved and spoke about the concerns:

“I’m not sure where this is really coming from… we’re not doing any of that though.”

It seems that despite concerns over the patent that Anthem will be free from this system. However, there’s still an ongoing conversation about this business model. It is yet unknown if Anthem will feature loot boxes like many other EA games, considering that Mass Effect Andromeda did its likely Anthem will as well. Holmes did comment that the likelihood that new information on the game will come soon.

Anthem is in development for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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