Natus Vincere have beaten mousesports to claim the Dreamhack Winter title, marking the organisation’s first tournament victory in over a year.

Na’Vi were placed in a group alongside Gambit, Heroic and Rise Nation in Group A.

In their opening match, the CIS side beat Heroic 16-11 on Overpass. The next match would pit CIS side against CIS side, with Na’Vi facing off against Gambit. The best of one between the sides stretched on for a long period of time before Gambit were able to close it out 31-28 on Inferno. With Na’Vi being at 1-1, their tournament life was at risk, and they needed to play Heroic in order to make it or break it. The Ukranian and Russian mix took on Heroic in a best of three elimination match. Na’Vi took map one, Inferno, 16-5. Heroic were able to take map two, Overpass, 16-9. The third and final map, Train, was taken by Na’Vi with a 16-12 scoreline.

EnVyUs stood in Na’Vi’s way in the semifinals. The two sides were to do battle on Overpass, Nuke and Inferno. Both maps were contested well by EnVyUs, but Na’Vi were able to take Overpass 16-11 and Nuke 16-14 to progress to the finals.

Mousesports were placed in Group B alongside EnVyUs, BIG and North Academy. Mousesports started their campaign strongly, delivering a swift blow to North Academy, beating them 16-6 on Cobblestone. In their next match, mousesports fell to EnVyUs 16-11 on Train. In their elimination match, mousesports had to face off against gob-b’s BIG. The European mix made light work of BIG, beating them 16-9 on Overpass and 16-3 on Mirage to qualify for the playoffs.

Gambit met mousesports in the semifinals of the tournament. Mousesports dispatched of them swiftly on Nuke and Train, beating them 16-9 and 16-1 respectively to set up the finals match vs. Na’Vi.

Mousesports had vetoed Overpass and Na’Vi had removed Cache. Mousesports picked Cobblestone as their map pick. Na’Vi picked Inferno. Mousesports removed Train, which left Na’Vi with a choice to veto either Nuke or Mirage. Nuke was vetoed and Mirage was left over to be the deciding map.

Na’Vi swept aside Mousesports on Cobblestone, finishing the map with a 16-4 scoreline. The two sides then did battle on Na’Vi’s pick, Inferno. Mousesports were able to put up a fight, but ultimately Na’Vi were able to emerge victorious, winning 16-11.

Na’Vi’s tournament victory was largely thanks to the inhumane performances of s1mple throughout the course of Dreamhack Winter. The young Ukranian finished with 267 kills/150 deaths (1.78 KDR), 92.1 ADR and 1.01 KPR across 264 rounds on the 9 maps played by Na’Vi.


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