The first season of Minecraft Story Mode started off sluggish, with a series of boring objectives and a plot that took 4 episodes to gain traction. The second season of Minecraft Story Mode doesn’t suffer from the same issue. Instead, it’s amazing from start to finish by introducing the premise for a new antagonist and exciting mysteries by the first episode.


Jesse has come a long way, starting off as a fanboy looking to meet his heroes to becoming the leader of his town. The acclaimed founder of The New Order of the Stone has put adventuring on hold to take up the role as Mayor of Beacontown. Now his day is full of helping people with daily chores, maintaining the town, and making political decisions. His friends have also moved on to new interests occupying their time.

This time of peace doesn’t last long, with Jesse’s friend Petra asking for help. After assisting an old friend the first domino is knocked down, beginning a long chain of events that unleashes a new enemy that could mean the end of Jesse’s world.

This all happens by the end of the first episode. Unlike the first season, Telltale doesn’t waste time placing Jesse in dangerous situations and establishing a new adversary to face. The season continues by providing new environments to explore, challenges, and enticing cliffhangers that will keep you invested throughout the 5 episodes.

Support or Cripple?

Like other Telltale adventures, most of Jesse’s journey will require him to make choices that alter the story. Based on the player’s decisions characters will act differently, changing the overall story progression. This can include characters trusting Jesse, refusing to help in critical situations, or forcing the group to find alternatives to present problems.

Jesse plays a massive role in the development of many of the characters. For example, early on Jesse hires an Intern named Radar who is obsessed with the leader of The Order of the Stone. He’s indecisive and constantly second-guesses himself, but eventually gains the confidence to trust his actions and believe himself; if Jesse supports him. Other characters also develop in different ways base on how Jesse treats them.

Many rely on Jesse’s leadership when faced with impossible odds or with no way to go. It does become stale seeing Jesse constantly placed in the spotlight, causing some characters to bleed into the background. This does keep the story consistent throughout, with a steady goal in mind and new information being provided at a steady rate. Because of this, season two never dissolves into a series of micro-adventures like the first season, everything is leading up to this one goal.

Enough Talking, Time to Fight!

Gameplay hasn’t changed much more the previous game. You’ll input commands to dig up resources, craft items using the crafting table, and solve basic puzzles. A new addition has you crafting free-standing monuments, allowing the player to freely create what they want with the materials given.

The combat system has been refined to include a stamina meter, similar to Dark Souls, where dodging and attacking take up stamina that must replenish before more action can be taken. What made combat better than the previous season was the boss battles.

Boss Battles are much more exciting here thanks to a varied array of fights. While they remain loyal to many of the same mechanics of attacking, dodging and exploiting weaknesses it’s how they’re presented that made them amazing. You could be placed in a difficult fight against a powerful enemy or a battle against someone you don’t want to fight. Despite spamming the same button I loved every one of the boss battles in each of the 5 episodes.

Unfortunately, Season Two does stumble towards the end. The main antagonist is a constant threat but remains interesting thanks to his unpredictable behavior. However, during the final moments, falls flat into a common cliche.

Another Season!

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 starts off strong and continues to maintain its energy until the end. The mix of new and old characters help show how much Jesse has grown since episode 1 of the first season. Gaining new followers and overcoming impossible odds, all in the name of adventure. The main villain does fumble towards the end but is one of the most memorable enemies of the entire series. Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 isn’t only for fans of Minecraft or the first season, it’s for anyone who loves strong narratives.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 Review
The Pros
  • Constant Momentum
  • Excellent Boss Battles
  • Interesting Characters
The Cons
  • Weak End for Main Antagonist
  • Simple Puzzles
  • Basic Crafting System
8.5Overall Score
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