Hello Neighbor quickly garnered the attention of the video game community thanks to strong notoriety from popular YouTubers and Streamers. The mystery surrounding the Neighbor and what he kept in his basement has gripped many gamers throughout its extensive testing periods. Now Hello Neighbor is finally available and the testing and theories that generated the excitement have become the game’s downfall.

Cloak and Daggers

Hello Neighbor starts off strong, you play as an unnamed protagonist in a small neighborhood. You hear screams coming from your Neighbor’s home and see that he’s locking his basement. Instead of calling the police you break into his home to find out what’s down there.

The Neighbor isn’t going to let you down there without a fight. Inside his home are traps, obstacles, and locked doors to prevent you from finding your way downstairs. In addition, the Neighbor will actively hunt you down and reconstruct his home base on your latest actions. This includes barricading locked windows that were broken, placing more traps in areas you in, and blocking doors with chairs.

This may seem like an issue but it’s more of inconvenience. The Neighbor’s AI, while good, can be easily manipulated using clever platforming. Failure doesn’t carry much weight as the player is simply sent back to the last checkpoint to try again. This encourages trial and error tactics, allowing you to play much more recklessly without fear of losing much progress. At first, the Neighbor feels like a threat, with scary music playing as he gives chase and you running for cover. But eventually, his loses his intimidation and becomes more of a nuisance to avoid unlike the deadly Alien from Alien: Isolation.

Where to go, What to do?

Most of the game has you exploring the Neighbor’s home in search of keys and special items to progress. There’s no direction of where to go or what you need but that point. You’re breaking into this person’s home and it’s up to you to figure what you need and where it is. It never got frustrating given the small size of the home and eventually, I was able to find my way to the next objective.

Fear rooms break up the Neighbor’s hide-and-seek sections with reality warping areas. Here player’s have to solve puzzles and perform basic platforming as opposed to avoiding the Neighbor. It’s nothing substantially different but helps break up the game’s core mechanics of avoiding the Neighbor.

Hello Neighbor’s biggest problem comes from value. The game can be completed in about 2 hours, even less on a second playthrough. While the first playthrough delivered a short but solid single-player adventure considering the game’s price of $30 it simply doesn’t offer enough content for the price. Once completed there’s no reason to play again since the mystery of the Neighbor has been exposed.

A Short Ride

Hello Neighbor provides a strong opening with an interesting mystery to solve. Learning of the Neighbor’s secret kept me moving forward but eventually falls apart towards the end. However, Hello Neighbor is an expensive journey without much reason to come back for another playthrough.

Hello Neighbor Review
The Pros
  • Great AI
  • Strong Start
  • Mysterious Basement
The Cons
  • Short Campaign
  • $30 Price Tag
  • Lack of replayability
5Overall Score
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