Following popular demand, Blizzard has finally opened an official “classic” server for World of Warcraft. Relive the days of World of Warcraft, before all the expansions and back to its original beginnings.

Blizzard’s teaser trailer takes us back in time, rewinding various expansion cinematics until we’re back to the very first. It really drives home that we’ll be going back to the glory days of ’04.

The Classic server is currently in development. Blizzard intends to faithfully reproduce the early days of the game, but also fix some of the game’s key launch issues.

We’re still somewhat lacking in details. Blizzard hasn’t talked very specifically about the mechanics or how to access the Classic server from in-game. Furthermore, in a Eurogamer interview with Executive Producer J. Allen Brack, Brack states, “We actually don’t know when we’re going to release it.”

However, it is clear that Blizzard’s official Classic server is a clear acknowledgement of various fan-made private servers, which have attempted to recreate the magic of the game’s early days. Various other MMORPGs already offer “legacy” or “vintage” servers for their nostalgic players, so it’s about time that Blizzard has finally made this announcement.

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