Rainbow Six Siege is getting more DLC this year. Over the course of 2018, Ubisoft plans to release eight new Operators, two new maps, and one “existing map makeover” will be added to the shooter.

Like Year 1 and Year 2, Year 3 will consist of four seasons. Each one will include 2 new Operators. The first of those four seasons is called Operation Chimera, which will include “biohazard specialist” characters from France and Russia. It will also include Outbreak, a new, limited-time co-op event which is free-to-play for Siege owners. It’ll take place over four weeks during Year 3 Season 1.

Following Operation Chimera will start Season 2 that will include two new Italian GIS Operators and a new map set in Italy.

Season 3 will bring one character from the UK’s Scotland Yard and one from the US’s Delta Force. Ubisoft stated that an existing map will be reworked for this season, bringing “the essence of the map will remain the same, but the gameplay and tactics will be completely different” according to Ubisoft.

Finally, Season 4 will introduce two Moroccan Operators and a new map from the same region.

Since its release in December 2015, Ubisoft has continued to support Rainbow Six Siege with Operation White Noise being the final addition to Year 2. This brought a new map and 3 new Operators.

Operation Blood Orchid was the last expansion to be released for Rainbow Six Siege and added 3 Operators and a new map.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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