One of the biggest DLC campaigns releasing this year is Resident Evil 7’s Not a Hero free expansion. Not only is the core campaign amazing but ended with a large cliffhanger that caused a massive theory to surface, that was recently silenced and now reignited by Capcom.

The latest trailer for Not a Hero has a person named Pete asking the viewer based on Chris’ history with Umbrella and his new look, if this is really Chris Redfield? Before he shows a photo of the veteran agent the promotional art for the DLC cuts him off.

For those unaware of the theory, many speculate that this Chris is either a clone or Umbrella operative HUNK in disguised. Both theories hold merit as Umbrella is known for genetic testing, Chris is strongly against the organization and HUNK is one of Umbrella’s top and loyalist operatives.

However, in contrast, Chris has undergone several changes in his appearance throughout the years and assisting Ethan in the finale of the game isn’t HUNK’s style. HUNK is shown to be a lone wolf who believes firmly that the only the strong survive and the weak die. In addition, Chris has been constantly opposed to Umbrella and working for them would be a complete 180 for the hero. For now, until the DLC releases, this is all speculation.

Not a Hero launches with Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, which includes all DLC, on December 12th. Resident Evil 7 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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