Teams from all over the major League of Legends regions have undergone some sort of changes, with teams from Europe and North America undergoing the most changes.

Starting with North America 

Team SoloMid

  • MikeYeung joins
  • Doublelift departs, Zven comes in from G2
  • Mithy acquired from G2, replaces Biofrost


  • Added Licorice, Wiggily and Selfie
  • Contractz to Golden Guardians

Counter Logic Gaming

  • Aphromoo considering free agency

Team Liquid

  • Impact signing with Team Liquid, Lourlo departing to Golden Guardians
  • Team Liquid acquire Xmithie, Dardoch to Echo Fox
  • Team Liquid acquires Pobeiter
  • Liquid release Piglet, signs Doublelift and Cody Sun
  • Acquisition of Olleh, Matt to Golden Guardians

Echo Fox

  • Looper will not renew contract
  • OpTic sign Akaadian
  • Fenix, Adrian, Altec and Dardoch added


  • Addition of Flame
  • Purchase of AnDa from Liquid
  • Hai going to Golden Guardians, Fly from Gold Coin United
  • WildTurtle remains, Stunt joins

OpTic Gaming

  • acquisition of zig, Akaadian, PowerOfEvil, Arrow and LemonNation

Golden Guardians

  • Lourlo, Contractz, Hai, Deftly and Matt make up the GG roster

100 Thieves 

  • Ssumday, Ryu and Meteos join, two slots remain open


  • Speculation behind their roster movements, no players confirmed as of yet. Reports circulating that Solo, LirA, Febiven, Apollo and Hakuho are linking up with Clutch


Moving on to Europe – 

G2 Esports

  • Expect and Trick depart
  • PerkZ remains, Hjarnan and Wadid brought in to replace the departing Zven and Mithy, who are both headed to TSM


  • Trashy explores free agency, Sencux to Misfits
  • Mikyx to Misfits, Splyce acquire kaSing

Giants Gaming

  • No changes

H2k Gaming

  • Odoamne explores free agency
  • Jankos departs H2k, Clutch signs Febiven


  • acquisition of Hylissang

Unicorns of Love

  • Vizicsacsi to Schalke 04
  • Hylissang to Fnatic

Schalke 04

  • Vizicsacsi, VandeR, Pridestalker and Nukeduck join
  • Upset is the only remaining player from the previous iteration of the roster


  • PowerOfEvil departs, Misfits sign Sencux
  • Ignar to free agency, Misfits sign Mikyx


  • Phaxi and Betsy remain, Pridestalker, Hjarnan and Wadid depart


South Korean teams have undergone little changes as well.

SK Telecom T1

  • Peanut explores free agency, Blank to play in his place

Afreeca Freecs 

  • Marin’s contract not renewed

Longzhu Gaming

  • Peanut joins

KT Rolster, ROX Tigers, Jin Air Green Wings and MVP have not lost or acquired any players. 


No movement on any Chinese rosters. Taiwanese rosters remain the same, except for J TEAM, who have added Hana.

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