It is once again that time of year where the veil between our world and the spirit world seems to get a little thinner. Not really though, we just all binge on candy, pumpkin flavored stuff, and watch corny horror movies. If you’re like me though, sometimes, horror movies don’t quite scratch that itch. It feels so passive, just sitting there watching some dumb teenagers get hacked to bits by some masked psycho. Video games can sometimes add that extra layer that gets the adrenaline flowing and hits that perfect horror mix. Below are some games that I hope you guys try out this wonderfully horror filled month.

The Evil Within DLC (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC)

While many people gave the main campaign shots for it’s various easily overlooked flaws, the DLC that came out was pretty well received. Each piece of DLC brings forth some new pieces of the back story to characters from the main game and even answers some of the main game’s bigger questions. The Assignment follows Kidman around explaining how she is a double agent for the company that built the machine they are all trapped in and that her main objective is to get Leslie out of the machine and brings him to her bosses. The Consequence also follows Kidman around and like The Assignment shows bits and pieces of what she was doing when not around the main game’s protagonist. It also delves into her backstory and tragic upbringing. What makes these two DLCs unique is the solid horror experience they bring to the table. For the better part of Kidman’s adventures, she does not have any weaponry, players are required to sneak their way around as much as possible or risk getting killed by various monsters. The Executioner DLC takes players out of the main cast and places them right into the monster’s shoes allowing them to smash their way around as the safe faced lunatic. It is also entirely in the first person, bringing a nice twist to the typical third person that the base game is. If you’re playing the game on a console the season pass runs you about twenty bucks, which is not bad for the amount of content here. PC players can get it for as low as ten bucks.

Dead By Daylight (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

One of the first games to kick start the one versus four players model that is all over the market right now, Dead By Daylight is still widely enjoyed by many. The game features a wide variety of serial killers and lunatics that each offer a few different ways to play the game. There’s the iconic Leatherface and Michael Myers that horror fans know and love, there’s also a deranged hillbilly, a psycho nurse, The Huntress and several others all offering unique ways to play. Some players have added an extra layer of fun by Role Playing with the characters they have chosen (killer or survivor). It definitely brings up some interesting scenarios and belly aching laughter, ya know, while you’re running around trying to not be hung up on a meat hook and sacrificed. Grab the game now for around twenty bones on pc and twenty-seven on consoles.

Ju-On: The Grudge (Wii)

It kind of seems a bit of a throwback but for those dedicated fans that still have a Wii somewhere on their entertainment center that is looking for a reason outside of Netflix to bother turning it back on, look no further than Ju-On: The Grudge. It was billed as a ‘Haunted House’ style experience but it still delivers an okay story and despite its fumbling controls a solid base of gameplay. It was blown to bits by reviewers but I still found it to be a decent time killer in between bigger releases. It only took about five and a half hours to get through and that’s because I kept missing things in certain areas and had to backtrack. The iconic movie ghost herself seemed a tad off, her long drawn out growl that terrifies me in the movies wasn’t nearly as bothersome in the game adaptation and it may have been the limited hardware but she is a bit lacking in the visual scare factor unless she manages to catch you off guard. Be that as it may, I still say horror fans should consider dropping the just over thirty bucks on this game if you can find a copy.

Dementium: The Ward (Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS)

This game is often credited as the first solid horror experience for Nintendo’s handheld systems, and I really wonder why we haven’t seen a re release or a port, or much else from the franchise in recent years. Dementium: The Ward produced an immersive asylum atmosphere, with wonderfully gruesome monsters and memorable boss fights that bring back some of the good old nostalgia of previous generations. The puzzles were also really well pieced together from what I remember. The kind of felt like the older Silent Hill games, requiring players to think outside the box. I remember having to go to the kids wing of the asylum, while I don’t remember the exact context as to why but you had to play a toy piano to a certain key to open up a hidden hatch which gave the player an item they needed to progress. What made it all the more rewarding was the game didn’t really hold your hand to figure that out, notes and audio clues were pretty much all you got so if you weren’t paying attention or missed a note you were shit out of luck until you figured it out. Go get yourself a copy now for just under ten dollars.

Saw (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

This game is an Achievement Hunter’s moistest wet dream, well at least for those who like horror as you can get all of them in just under eight hours. The game itself is not particularly scary in the way the first few movies of the franchise managed to be. Yes, Jigsaw puts the players through various torture sequences and traps, but the scary parts all involved his pigheaded helper appearing and chasing players. That guy seemed to appear from out of no where and was always hungry to eviscerate you. Shotgun traps are always terrifying, the wire that sets them off is usually really hard to see and they are always loud and surprising. They are reusable though, which is great for when pig face is chasing you, get him to run through that a few times and he will eventually die. The smaller room puzzles can get a bit repetitive at times, often just requiring players to turn a set of valves to match up so gas doesn’t kill them, but the larger more grandiose ones are still enjoyable. You can get the game now for eighteen dollars and if your a fan of the series at all I recommend it.

Until Dawn (PlayStation 4)

It’s got cheesy dialogue, horny teenagers, oh, and ancient native based creatures that were once humans but now through the powers of cannibalism posses super human abilities and have been morphed in to creatures that don’t resemble the humans they once were. In case you don’t know the game follows a group of college age students at a friends mountain top cabin the year after his sisters died during a prank gone wrong. The meet up was intended to ring the group of friends back together, but things quickly go south. Until Dawn focuses heavily on aspects of the butterfly effect siting changes based on the choices the player makes. It does so in an okay manner, the main changes often are just which character is in what place, often by just killing off a character. The ending will also be different depending on which characters make it that far. Until Dawn will only run you about twenty dollars, but the eight to ten hours on the first run through definitely make it worth that price.

Until Dawn™

Pick of The Month: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

This is quite possibly the best Resident Evil game to come out since Resident Evil 4. It takes the formula players know and love and kind of mushes and molds it in to something new and exciting. The game is entirely in first person which is something new to the series. The inventory system was also given an overhaul and the famous health herbs were switched out for a cleaner more modern health tonic. It focuses on an isolated outbreak involving the Baker family after they met the initial outbreak carrier Eveline. The main protagonist Ethan shows up looking for his long lost wife Mia who turns out to be working for the company that spawned Eveline. This is hands down one of my favorite entries in to the series and I can not wait to get my hands on the Gold Edition of the game later this year, which comes with all the DLC. The base game now will run you around forty bucks.

There are so many other games I would love to recommend to you guys; the Fatal Frame Series, Silent Hill: Homecoming, The first four Silent Hill games, Perception, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Suffering: The Ties That Bind, F.E.A.R. the list goes on and on. Some of them will start popping back up once Microsoft gives up more details on the original Xbox games backwards compatibility initiative. Then I will grab a few copies and delve back in to the madness I remember from my childhood. Until then grab a few of the games I talked about above and have some fun this Halloween staying inside and slipping in to a candy coma. Feel free to leave your own horror game suggestions below in the comments.